Primary Therapist

It was a pleasure to begin working as a Primary Therapist for Westfall Associates in January of 2018. Westfall Associates has afforded me the opportunity to work with both groups and individuals. I currently facilitate the Dual Focused group, which focuses on recovery in both mental health and substance abuse.

Most recently, I worked for North American Family Institute as a clinician. This provided the chance to work with adolescents and families struggling with poverty, trauma, substance abuse and other mental health needs, while focusing on clients’ strengths and challenging unhealthy behaviors.

Earlier in my career I did counseling at both Rochester Mental Health Center and St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center. At these facilities I gained experience as an individual counselor and a group facilitator. This experience helped me hone my skills through the practical application of counseling that is not taught in a classroom. Being a primary therapist gave me the chance to collaborate with fellow counselors, psychiatrists and medical practitioners, which supported growth as a clinician.

When I graduated from SUNY Geneseo, I was planning on teaching as a career path. Teaching English classes taught me to support, communicate and teach students the skills they need to be successful in the education system. In addition to teaching, I began counseling students. I soon realized my true passion was counseling. I earned my Masters from St. John Fisher College as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and began my journey as a counselor.